**Note** In order to fully appreciate the printing resolution, make sure your video quality is set to 720p HD, under the player's "Settings" option.

Digital Direct-To-Garment Printing

  • Photo-realistic images printed directly onto fabric using eco-friendly inks
  • Up to 2880dpi resolution
  • No setup fees or hidden costs.
  • NO MINIMUM QUANTITY ORDERS!!! That's right, you can design and have only a single garment printed with this method if you like!

DTG, or Direct-to-Garment printing, is the future of garment decoration! Our state-of-the-art printer can print photorealistic images directly onto fabric at a resolution up to 2880dpi. This process in not to be confused with the iron-on vinyl heat transfer method. This is a permanent decoration method that will not crack or disintigrate like other methods can.

With the ability to print on light or dark garments using a landscape of up to 16"x20" with water-based, eco friendly inks, this process provides a more durable image that retains a soft and supple feel on the fabric.

Unlike screen or process printing, where each colour is printed separately with compounding cost, DTG allows you to reproduce artwork and photographs with unparallelled detail and vibrancy at a single rate, regardless of detail or number of colours! With no setup or screen fees, this is also the most cost effective decorating solution for full-colour prints.

Try out our Interactive Online Garment Designer and upload your images to start designing your own custom apparel!

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